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water, only better

from the community, for the community

We're in the business of providing future-focused water solutions, capturing local resources to reduce wastage and build more resilient communities.

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Drinking, recycled, stormwater and wastewater services — we do it Altogether

Blue Water

drinking water for drinking

Altogether communities connected to recycled water save significant amounts of their drinking water:

  • Up to 70% in greenfield communities
  • Up to 50% in high-rise communities
Blue Light

simple solution

Water recycling systems are installed simply and without the need for rain water tanks – making them a great way of meeting BASIX standards for new home builds.


building resilience

Recycled water is not subject to water restrictions, giving households a secure water supply all year round.

In the event of drought and water restrictions, Altogether customers will be less affected and can preserve precious drinking water supplies.

watch how it works

Altogether's local sustainable water centres make the most of every drop of water. Our state-of-the-art systems put everyone’s wastewater to work in a fully balanced micro-ecosystem. 


We've done a lot of work to identify and capture the value of stormwater, which is becoming an increasingly important part of our local water solutions.  


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drinking water

We bring State drinking water supplies to your doorstep, distributing this precious resource through dedicated internal infrastructure.

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In an Altogether community you're part of a more sustainable urban water cycle, with water treatment systems that encourage and allow for residential reuse of water.

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recycled water

We're saving water, money and the environment by celebrating recycled water as a vital part of our water ecosystem.

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creating green communities

In Altogether communities, we preserve precious drinking water by capturing, purifying and reusing rain, storm and wastewater to enable parks, gardens and green spaces to be watered all year round.

By managing the entire water cycle, we help to develop and deliver local sustainability strategies for building owners and managers, for communities, and for the generations to come.

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together, we’ve got this


In total, Altogether will provide utility services to over 400 communities and ultimately 100,000 customers by 2024 — and we're always looking for new partners and ideas that will drive us towards a better future.

helping developers

With a legacy of innovation, we're an industry-leading source of knowledge, with experience, research and case studies that can boost developers' time, energy and capital to move forward faster.

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