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connecting made easy

Customers and builders can schedule services ahead of time, purchase parts and products to improve water efficiency.

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connection process video

This video is your go-to resource for understanding the intricacies of building in Altogether communities, where innovation meets efficiency.


making doing business easier

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dial before you dig

The essential first step in any safe excavation.

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community services reticulation plans

Use our plans to help you save time, and look good.

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become an accredited supplier

We value our network of professionals who work alongside us.

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drawings, plans & specifications

Altogether and its suppliers use a variety of documents to make communicating with our partners and suppliers clearer. Take a look at what to expect.

drawings and plans


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do's and don'ts for your recycled water systems

In all homes, there are things you shouldn’t put down the sink or toilet. Information about the dos and don’ts are included in our Homeowners’ Guide. If the system becomes blocked by wipes, sanitary items or other foreign objects not permitted in the system that has come from the house, there is a fee for restoring your service, just as there would be with any utility service.

your recycled water system


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