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Altogether's pricing has changed from 1 July 2024
altogether building approval
from $59.00

An Altogether building approval is required on all lots that are serviced by Altogether Group in Box Hill (Gables), Cooranbong, Huntlee and Pitt Town.

altogether building approval (add on)
from $59.00

If you are constructing an add on such as a pool, shed, shed with services, extension, deck or retaining walls please submit an Altogether building approval (add on). Please refer to Altogether standard drawings and guides prior to construction of your add on.

altogether building approval resubmission
from $59.00

If you have previously failed your building approval and have rectified outstanding issues you can resubmit your application here. 

drinking water meter

Huntlee and Coorangbong residents only are required to purchase a drinking water meter prior to submitting an altogether building approval

All other communities will need to refer to Sydney Water, as drinking water is not supplied by Altogether. 

meters for secondary dwellings
from $399.00

This fee is for the supply and installation of additional 20mm meter/s for your secondary dwelling. Secondary dwellings must be metered separately from your primary dwelling.

on lot infrastructure fee
from $1,013.21

An on lot infrastructure fee is required for all new connections. The fee is for the supply and installation of the sustainable water infrastructure kit, including the pressure sewer pump, control panel, recycled water meter and hardware associated with the remote monitoring system.

pre-connection inspection (with optional pump out)
from $0.00

Once construction of your home is complete, you can start getting ready to move in by requesting a water and wastewater pre-connection inspection.


pre-connection inspection (repeat)
from $399.00

If you require a re-inspection please ensure all items in the failed pre-inspection report are satisfied. Fees are applicable to every re-inspection, so please ensure you are compliant.

pump out
from $649.00

Prior to connection, you may require your tank to be pumped out. Please note that additional fees apply for out of hours emergency pump outs (before 7am and after 3pm).

incomplete connection
from $299.00

To avoid having to the pay this fee please read the connection assessment requirements which provides guidance on what will be assessed by Altogether before connecting your home to the wastewater system and making it habitable to move in.

boundary kit cover

The boundary kit cover protects the hardware and shut off valve. The boundary kit cover will need to be replaced if damaged or lost.

boundary kit height adjustment

This fee covers the cost of either raising or lowering your boundary kit to accommodate your landscape changes.

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