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Once construction of your home is complete, you can start getting ready to move in by requesting a water and wastewater pre-connection inspection. Our technicians will complete a pre-connection inspection to ensure that your home complies with our requirements outlined in the connection assessment criteria.
To book an inspection you need to provide the following documentation:
  • Final pre inspection report from Cessnock City Council (Huntlee) OR Final plumbing inspection sticker issued by NSW Government, Office of Fair Trading (Box Hill, Pitt Town, Cooranbong)
  • Certificate of compliance for electrical work (CCEW)

Please note:

  • Please ensure that your home complies with the connection assessment criteria before requesting a pre-connection inspection.
  • Pre-connection inspections are typically completed within five business days.
  • If your home passes inspection we will notify you and your builder of your connection date.
  • If your home does not pass the inspection, we will notify you and your builder by outlining what needs to be fixed.
  • Your wastewater collection tank must be free and clear of all liquid and debris prior to connection. If required, book in a tank pump out that will be completed on connection day to ensure your connection goes smoothly.
  • Fees are applicable to every re-inspection, so please ensure you are compliant as per the connection assessment criteria the first time.

Please select if a pump out is required on connection day or not:

If you require a pump out prior to connection please pay separately for a pump out: standard call out. 

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pre-connection inspection (repeat)

If you require a re-inspection please ensure all items in the failed pre-inspection report are satisfied. Fees are applicable to every re-inspection, so please ensure you are compliant.

pump out

Prior to connection, you may require your tank to be pumped out. Please note that additional fees apply for out of hours emergency pump outs (before 7am and after 3pm).

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