future communities

Our mission is to create more sustainable communities of the future. We're working to enable homes to use less water and recycle more of their waste — and to ensure the embedded costs associated with large centralised water infrastructure are minimised for households.


climate change and the heat island effect

Climate change, water scarcity and environmental degradation are among the complex sustainability issues impacting the economic and social wellbeing of communities and cities in Australia.

Developers in partnership with State Governments are already helping to minimise the impacts of these critical issues whilst protecting and securing sustainable futures for homeowners. Green ratings such as BASIX, Green Star and carbon and water neutral targets are also helping to set new benchmarks of sustainability, removing embedded energy and water costs into the future.


creating low-carbon communities

Altogether creates water-sustainable communities that reduce drinking water consumption by up to 70%. This frees up drinking water for droughts and enables water to be used for improving environmental flows. It also creates a secure and safe water supply available all year round for gardens, local parks, sporting facilities and new land lots awaiting sale.

Altogether is focused on making the water lifecycle as environmentally friendly as possible. That means we reduce the amount of wastewater — by recycling it — preventing tonnes of carbon-filled wastewater from being pumped out to sea or flared, creating dangerous pollution.