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Our approach incorporates new ways of thinking around the delivery of water and energy services that result in reductions in carbon emissions and wastewater, preserve drinking water supplies, and enhance the ecology of our oceans.

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local community networks 

These networks form the foundation of our community, empowering the seamless capture, sharing, and equitable distribution of resources. They play a pivotal role in averting resource loss or leakage, fostering positive environmental impacts, and enhancing the local economy.

These intricate networks seamlessly integrate capture, storage, processing, and supply systems. They also establish connections with external regional networks, strategically aligning with financial benefits for the community.

Connection between the local network and adjacent regional networks is established based on financial advantages for the community.


unique approach

Distinguished by its unique methodology, our approach revolves around the acquisition of locally sourced or community-generated resources, which are then converted into indispensable power and water supplies for the community.

For instance, we harness the power of natural sunlight to generate electricity or heat water, ensuring sustainable energy solutions. Additionally, we capture and treat community-generated wastewater, transforming it into high-quality recycled water, thus contributing to both environmental conservation and the community's water needs. This innovative process exemplifies our commitment to harnessing and repurposing resources within the community for the benefit of all.

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self reliant architecture

Sustainability is about meeting current needs without jeopardising future generations. Our commitment to this ethos is realised through renewable energy generation and water recycling solutions, fostering self-reliance and enduring sustainability in communities.

By capturing natural resources locally—like sunlight for electricity and water recycling from community-generated wastewater—we not only address immediate needs but also contribute to a future where communities thrive without compromising the environment or the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

educating for a better tomorrow

Most Australians are on autopilot when it comes to household water use. Exploring how we really use water vs how we think we use water is a key focus. We encourage the local community to see how wastewater is treated and delivered back to beneficial reuse.

and here is how its done

embedded networks
capture systems
storage systems
01. embedded networks

Local water, power, data networks that are owned and managed on behalf of the community for the benefit of the community. These networks connect to regional networks via a 2 way gate meter. These reduce wastage and over use of resources.

Distributed local capture systems include solar PV on the roofs of buildings, the pressure sewer collection tank at every household or an optical network terminal at each customer. These reduce the regional resources required to service the community.

Local storage systems include water tanks, hot water cylinders, batteries and edge data centres. These increase the efficient use infrastructure and retains resources that would otherwise be wasted.

Technology is employed locally taking the captured resource and transforming it into essential services for the community.

The provision of essential services that are beneficial to the community. These include lower cost supply for services that benefit the community as a whole. This improves the social, environmental and economic wellbeing for all who live here.


We test water quality at our local water centres every month. We publish the results of our tests within 14 days of the last test result becoming available. If test result summaries don't meet the limits in our environment protection licences, we explain when, why and to what extent. Learn more

sustainable company

Our systems take sustainability to the next level whereby the community can become its own circular economy. Our approach can become the catalyst for other sustainability initiatives particular to each community.

Examples of this are our studies on the generation of power from organics at the Central Park Community or the introduction of EV charging stations at The Orchards Community.

Altogether has inspiration to apply its approach to community data and waste.

We're committed to good governance

At Altogether Group, we work with our stakeholders to ensure our policies and strategies provide the level of transparency and governance that they expect. Our stakeholders include our customers, communities, employees, suppliers, investors and regulators. We engage with all our stakeholder groups regularly and use their feedback to assess our activity and progress.

We conduct a regular review of all the sustainability issues that are material to our operations and our stakeholders. We report these each year. We provide information about our efforts to address these issues and our progress towards any targets that have been set.

We're committed to our people

We pride ourselves as an energetic organisation that encourages growth and development and provides the best facilities for our people. We foster a collaborative work culture where employees are supported and empowered to contribute ideas and identify opportunities for our team, our communities and themselves. We are dedicated to the values of diversity and inclusion and have a firm commitment to ethical practices and corporate responsibilities. In 2020, Altogether Group adopted an equality and diversity policy and procedure that applies to hiring practices and all employees, agents and contractors.

Altogether Group provides recycled water and behind the meter renewable energy which can contribute to a homes BASIX rating.

INF Vert

Altogether Group participates in the annual GRESB assessment for infrastructure. GRESB is a global ESG benchmarking and reporting framework that provides an independent review of our performance.


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