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We service communities where our customers live, work and play. That’s why we mapped out our commitment to providing you with responsive and professional services in our Client Commitment Charter

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Embedded utility services that go beyond to provide long term benefits to the strata industry

Altogether delivers electricity, gas, hot water and potable water embedded network services to over 25,000 customers through our local teams in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sydney.

Altogether lowers long-term operating costs by removing utility waste and deploying advanced infrastructure. By replacing manually read meters with smart meters and automation, Altogether can remove the unpredictability in utility pricing now and into the future.



We are a proven embedded network service provider offering energy management to the strata industry

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low-cost power

It’s your embedded network.

Our embedded energy services provide our Body Corporate clients with exceptionally priced common area power. We buy energy in bulk and pass it on for common power usage at cost, with no fees and no markup.

Our dedicated energy consultants monitor your power use to maximise savings 365 days a year.

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risk adversity

Why take the risk?

Energy is an essential service and customer protections have never been more important. At Altogether, we believe that all customers have the right to choose a retailer of their own without barriers or meter upgrade costs.

Giving customers choice protects them and protects you.

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ultimate control

We’re here to service you.

Engaging Altogether to be your energy specialist doesn’t mean you lose control of your network. As the network owner, Altogether will advise you on ways to minimise cost and maximise benefits. If you want to take a different approach, we’ll support you through those options as well.

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free smart meter upgrade

Altogether works extensively with leading providers to implement the best possible meter solution and asset management strategies. Our focus is to provide the most reliable and cost-effective metering and billing solutions at no cost to Bodies Corporate whilst remaining competitive. Altogether is about establishing and monitoring long-term relationships with the strata industry to promote improved consumer choice, consumer protection and risk mitigation.

Key savings and advantages of using us for your metering and utility billing include:

  • No cost smart meter upgrades
  • Future proof service
  • Improved billing services
  • Excellent energy rates
  • Body Corporate risk mitigation
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customer and billing services

Altogether is one of Australia's largest embedded network service providers. We provide billing and collection services to hundreds of strata communities.
Our world-class team is available to assist with energy procurement, retail services, compliance issues, utility billing solutions and more.
Our goal is to provide you with the best possible service through self-funded solutions that remove cost burdens on the strata industry and Body Corporate.
Frequent legislative changes require continuous governance during these changing times. Altogether has strong stakeholder engagement and is at the forefront of changing industry requirements.

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with you all the way

Altogether is resilient, agile, collaborative and determined. We collaborate at all levels of government and industry to provide essential services that empower communities to thrive.
As well as working with the strata industry, we work with industry groups and regulators to make sure they have a voice. Altogether collaborates with the Australian Energy Market Commission, Australian Energy Regulator, ACCC and Strata Communities Association to improve customer outcomes everywhere.

Compliance and support

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we work collaboratively with the owners corporation and the facilities/building manager   

The purpose of this document is to:  

  • explain the respective responsibilities of the various parties involved in: 
    • providing water and wastewater to end users within a multi-level mixed-use property development; and  
    • operating and maintaining the infrastructure associated with the services; and  
  • describe the communication and notification protocols between these parties.  
operating protocol


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