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centralised hot water

We supply, install and maintain fully funded centralised hot water solutions for new developments and strata communities across Australia.

Whether you're a developer building a new community, or an existing body corporate looking for a replacement hot water plant or new service provider, we have a fully-funded solution for you.
By choosing Altogether as your centralised hot water service provider, communities can get up and running quickly, at low or no cost to the Body Corporate.

gas hot water

Through our network of providers, Altogether can replace your ageing gas hot water plant with a state of the art, up to date facility at no cost to the body corporate.

electric hot water

For communities without gas, or for those seeking more sustainable hot water solutions, Altogether offers a suite of modern hot water facilities including heat pump technology.

hot water metering

Communities offering Altogether electrical embedded networks can also receive integrated smart hot water metering at no cost to the body corporate.

thermal networks

Thermal networks provide communities with lower-carbon energy sources that are generally cleaner and more efficient in delivering heating and cooling. Using thermal networks can help projects offer higher Green Star ratings and take up less space. 

Altogether works with clients to design bespoke thermal networks that meet their unique needs and cleanly and safely power new communities.

Thermal networks provide hot water, air conditioning and unmetered gas.

only pay for what you use

All hot water is separately piped to each unit and metered via an individual hot water meter

Altogether Embeddedenergy Hotwatersystem

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