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smart metering

Altogether provides an innovative multi-utility smart metering solution that improves consumer choice, consumer protection and risk mitigation.

electricity smart meters

Altogether clients operating a retail embedded energy network are likely to qualify for a free smart meter upgrade program. Smart-meters allow Altogether to read, disconnect and reconnect meters remotely at any time. By significantly improving operational efficiency and speed, smart-meters provide greater certainty over long term energy pricing.

hot and potable water meters

Altogether's combined smart electricity, hot water and potable water meter solution bring all meters together through an advanced automated meter reading system, known as an AMR. An AMR allows for the efficient reading and billing of hot and potable water services, even where meters are within a residents apartment. By supplying services through an Altogetheroperated retail embedded energy network, communities can provide a fully user-pays experience which helps keep strata levies down.

Free smart meter upgrade

Altogether's new and eligible existing clients can apply to receive a free smart-meter upgrade. Communities with inefficient, faulty or non-compliant metering can apply for a free upgrade assessment by contacting one of our friendly energy consultants.

sustainable buildings and data

Sustainable buildings carefully balance the unique ecological, social and economic needs of communities. By partnering with Altogether and using community-specific data to define opportunities, we can deploy the right technology in the right place, at the right time. Altogether communities can go green earlier without driving up strata levies.

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