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recycled water

Recycled water has been through several wastewater treatment steps.  We treat recycled water to meet the Australian Guidelines for Water Recycling 2006, making sure it's safe to use by monitoring and testing regularly.

Many of us already know the great benefits of reusing recycled water such as:

saving drinking water

Altogether’s recycled water communities are saving up to 70% of their drinking water (up to 50% in high-rise communities and up to 70% in Greenfield communities).


saving community water supplies

These individual household and community savings also preserve State drinking water supplies, enabling this water to be funnelled to where it’s most needed — especially during droughts and for river system regeneration. By using recycled water, we're all doing our bit to keep drinking water supplies at secure levels for the whole state.


reducing costs

BASIX requires all new homes to be built to water-efficiency standards, either with a rainwater tank or water recycling systems. Altogether's sustainable water networks replace the need for installing rainwater tanks, and are approved by BASIX, making them a cost-efficient and sustainable solution.


building resilience

Recycled water can be depended on all year round — in recent droughts, Altogether recycled water customers were still able to water their lawns and wash their cars long after drinking water restrictions left other communities brown and dusty.

Using recycled water also preserves public water supplies, which can then be used more effectively for essential purposes such as drinking, cleaning and showering.


improving river systems

Recycled water frees up drinking water supplies, which can then be used to improve environmental flows. For example, if water supply levels remain high in the Warragamba Dam, they can improve environmental flows into the Hawkesbury and Nepean Rivers. The more communities use recycled water, the more water can feed into our precious river systems across Sydney and NSW.


achieving better ratings

Altogether's local water networks underpin sustainability, enabling developers to achieve the highest Green Star and BASIX ratings.


creating a sustainable future

Without recycled water systems, homes and communities pump millions of litres of wastewater effluent out to sea and into inland waterways every year. This waste receives minimal treatment before it is pumped into our oceans and seas, and sadly often reappears as pollution on our beaches and in waterways after storms or tides. Wastewater is also sometimes incinerated, creating another kind of pollution — CO2 or carbon emissions.

Instead, recycled water is a smart and positive solution that eliminates several major environmental pollutants. The more communities and households can reuse their waste, the more we can improve our environment and secure a sustainable future.

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