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water meter height adjustment
From $138.68

If your water meter is not to our requirements, it will need to be rectified.

do not drink signage
From $36.00

Metal signage to be placed on buildings or erected on fencing where recycled water is in use.

recycled water tap adapter

Easily connect your hose or irrigation to a recycled water tap using this adapter.

anti vandal recycled water tap key

Designed for recycled water taps only, this tap key features easy operation and is removable to prevent unauthorised use. 

local water centre tour

Tour Altogether Group's facility and explore their revolutionary water recycling system. Learn about the seven-step process and the uses of recycled water. Get up to 20 attendees for a unique opportunity to experience their cutting-edge technology.

water meter cock replacement
From $270.71

This isolation valve is located just prior to the meter (street side of meter). If it is damaged or leaking due to building works, you will require a replacement prior to us installing your meter.

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