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adding EV chargers into your network

Electric vehicles (EVs) are our future. It’s that simple.

However, determining if a charging station is the right way forward for your building can be difficult.

At Altogether, we work with Australia’s leading EV charging providers and engineers to navigate the complexities, ensuring each unit installed takes into account the specific needs of the building and those who live in it.

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The road to securing an EV charging station is long and intricate. If not followed properly, can lead to issues with your building’s energy supply. Our dedicated team of experts can help navigate these complexities.

our expert team will guide you through
  • Acquiring permission for body corporate
  • Working with the committee on the desired result
  • Arranging a site assessment by a qualified electrician
  • Confirming your electrical system and capacity
  • Providing a report to select the right EV charger
  • Gaining permission from all owners to proceed
  • Amending by-laws, if necessary
  • Sourcing the appropriate charging station
  • Installing the meter
  • Providing a user pays billing solution
  • Organising ongoing repairs and maintenance
EV Charger

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Cumulative EV sales are now around 5million. It took 60 months to sell the first million, and only 6 months for the 4th and 5th million! What does that mean for your communities?


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