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Drinking water meters must be purchased prior or at the same time as your altogether building approval at Huntlee and Cooranbong. Once the meter has been installed, we will commence billing the property owner for service charges and usage on a monthly basis. Drinking water meters must be installed by Altogether prior to construction. Please allow 20 business days from your purchase for the drinking water meter to be installed. 
A separate water meter is required for each additional dwelling. If you require multiple meters, please purchase a secondary meter here.
For non-standard buildings (e.g. apartments, townhouses, villas etc), please contact Altogether on 1300 803 803 to discuss our requirements. To meet building requirements, non-standard buildings may require different meter types. Additional details can be found here. 
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meters for secondary dwellings

This fee is for the supply and installation of additional 20mm meter/s for your secondary dwelling. Secondary dwellings must be metered separately from your primary dwelling.

on lot infrastructure fee

An on lot infrastructure fee is required for all new connections. The fee is for the supply and installation of the sustainable water infrastructure kit, including the pressure sewer pump, control panel, recycled water meter and hardware associated with the remote monitoring system.

altogether building approval

An Altogether building approval is required on all lots that are serviced by Altogether Group in Box Hill (Gables), Cooranbong, Huntlee and Pitt Town.

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