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boundary kit cover

The boundary kit cover protects the hardware and shut off valve. The boundary kit cover will need to be replaced if damaged or lost.

boundary kit height adjustment

This fee covers the cost of either raising or lowering your boundary kit to accommodate your landscape changes.

boundary kit valve assembly

A boundary kit valve assembly is the hardware and shut off valve located inside the boundary kit cover.

wastewater collection tank lid
From $735.00

If your wastewater collection tank lid has been damaged, you will require a lid replacement. 

wastewater collection tank lid bolt kit

This bolt kit is required to keep your tank lid secure. If lost or damaged, you need to purchase a replacement to ensure your tank stays secure. An additional bolt kit is provided when purchasing a tank riser.

wastewater collection tank riser
From $664.00

A wastewater collection tank riser is required if your tank is below surface ground level.

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