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gables (box hill)

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The Gables is a visionary community located in the newly named suburb of Gables in Sydney's northwest. This sustainable community will include a bustling mixed use town centre, educational facilities, lush recreational areas, large lake and local recycled water centre.

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environmental protection 

Pollution Monitoring Data is collected from our local water centre and scheme as required under the Environment Protection Licence issued by the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA).

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local weather station

In the past, the weather predictions were reliant on the weather reports on the news or reports from the meteorological departments. Our local water operations team have installed their own weather station to get own accurate information on the weather much faster than they would through other means.

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Residential customers receive a bill at least every 90 days which will include the following charges; recycled water variable usage charge, recycled water systems fixed service charge and wastewater fixed service charge. Drinking water is supplied by Sydney Water but you should note that this seperate bill should not include wastewater as this is a service Altogether provides. 

Altogether provides both wastewater and recycled water services

What are the authorised purposes of recycled water at this community?

Each license is unique but in this community recycled water can be used for:

  • toilet flushing
  • cold water supplies to washing machines
  • irrigation of public open space
  • irrigation of gardens and lawns
  • dust suppression

3 Red Gables Road Box Hill/Gables

Altogether's services are licensed under the Water Industry Competition Act 2006 (NSW):
- The infrastructure is constructed, operated and maintained under network operator licence 16_037 held by Altogether Operations Pty Ltd
- The retail, customer service and billing services are provided under retail supplier's licence 13_001R held by Altogether Group Pty Ltd

Commercial operations approval has been granted in stages on 23rd May 2017, 27th Nov 2017 and 20th November 2019.

To view the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal licences and decisions for The Gables please follow this link:



If you are planning your new home you will need to consider water connection. Before submitting your DA your building and landscape plans will need to be approved by Altogether and before you are able to move in a connection certificate is required to gain your occupancy certificate.

For a step by step guide and plans to assist your process please refer to help and support

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Make the most of every drop


State of the art system

Feel good knowing that the fully balanced micro-ecosystem gives back to your community.


Water your yard guilt free

We reuse wastewater providing homes with a sustainable source of water to keep your grass green.


No need for a rain water tank that only holds up to $6 worth of water

Don't clog your yard up. We manage your recycled water needs underground and have your BASIX covered.

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