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trouble shooting water issues

Red light flashing but not experiencing any other problems within your house: Please delay calling and use our Help Centre Form only if an issue emerges.

Alarm going off on the side of your control box and not experiencing any other problems within your house: Report it to our Help Centre Form and in the meantime, hit the mute button on the control box. Depending on your control box type, the mute button may be located either on the top or bottom of the box.

We also ask that you please hold off pumping out your pool if you are able. We are working hard to keep our system operating as it should.

If you have already been in contact with us, we ask you not to contact us again as our crew will get to your property as soon as we can. Unfortunately, at this time we cannot provide an ETA on when our crew will be able to get to you. Unless it is urgent, we ask that you use our Help Centre form rather than ring us to submit the issue.

We thank you for your patience, please stay safe and let's get through this, altogether.

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