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Altogether works with small to large-scale developers, local councils and Government agencies.


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Adding innovation and value to new communities

Developers appoint Altogether to design, build, operate and manage local sustainable utilities within their community, precinct or building.

In water communities we own the local sustainable network infrastructure and water centres and work with the developer to design and deploy additional household connections should they be required.


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urban solutions

We assess energy demands, ensure reliable supply and services and future-proof systems to take advantage of emerging technologies as they become commercially viable.

Altogether focus on the development and delivery of local sustainability strategies for our developers and community clients, to achieve key investment criteria within both the design and operation of assets, including:

  • Green Star ratings


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reducing costs

Our solutions embody efficiency by removing wastage. We’ve found that local systems not only deliver more efficiency, but also resilience, empowerment and prosperity — which has been proven during droughts, floods, bushfires, power shortage and more recently, economic recession.

Prosperity is passed onto our developers during community building phases via:

  • quicker time to market
  • product differentiation
  • improved cashflows

Consumers benefit from reusing water resources within their community and enjoying competitive energy rates.

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greenfield sites

Our approach to lead in works delivers services to first stage lots faster than a centralised public utility approach. This is because:

  • All infrastructure is contained within development lands
  • Less cost means less to build
  • Construction is simple and faster
  • Approvals are straightforward

We help developers unearth the best strategies and value for each unique community

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technical advice

We provide new thinking and expertise in world-best innovations

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regulatory advice

With extensive knowledge of regulatory requirements when delivering alternatives to centralised water and power solutions, we assist clients in achieving regulatory approvals

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stakeholder management & advisory panels

Managing multiple stakeholders can slow down the delivery of infrastructure. Altogether has expertise in navigating the complexities of multiple and sometimes competing needs.

procuring Altogether

Upon appointment, Altogether assesses the ‘Business As Usual’ case for developers and demonstrates alternate servicing strategy methodologies that deliver real value and capital cost savings.

If a water solution is proposed, a local sustainable water centre and network is then designed and built by Altogether according to the specific needs of the development.

Altogether obtains all relevant regulatory approvals and works with the developer to streamline infrastructure delivery to ensure faster land release. In water communities Altogether remains the water utility for the community in perpetuity while power communities range in ownership structures.

safety first

Altogether's business is built on people. That’s why we provide ongoing development and training for our staff.

We’re committed to recognised industry safety systems and follow a comprehensive risk management process complying with relevant regulation and Australian Standards.

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