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connecting to our recycled water network made easy

Altogether's local water services consist of a pressure sewer system, recycled water reticulation and drinking water reticulation (in some communities such as Huntlee and Cooranbong). Our infrastructure meets all the relevant regulations and standards, but it is not the same as a traditional wastewater service. We’re here to help you understand our requirements so getting connected is not complicated.

In this course you will learn: 

  • Requirements for building approval submission
  • Requirements for connecting a home to our networks, including pre-connection checklist
  • Common mistakes that cause rework


who should do this course?


Builders can learn how to prepare a residential lot for connection and prepare building approvals that will pass first go. Let us help you understand the unique advantages of our system to on sell to your end customer.


A licensed plumber is required to connect internal wastewater plumbing to the wastewater collection tan and connect recycled water and drinking water (where applicable) to home plumbing. Let us guide you in getting it right the first time.


Landscapers of private property will learn what can be done and can't be done when preparing landscape near our infrastructure. 


A licensed electrician is required to complete all our electrical installation requirements, including installation of a separate power supply to a junction box, installation of conduits for the wastewater collection tank control panel and metering. Let us help you get it right the first time.

Water Tank Under
prepare a residential housing lot for connection to recycled water and sewerage
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2pm, Wed 17 May
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1.5 hours
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hear from engineers and field staff
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