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preparing for electric vehicle charging

Electric vehicles in strata is a complex topic that requires education, planning and consultation. 

Altogether invite you to come learn about

  • some of the barriers to EV uptake.
  • electric vehicle readiness in strata: unfortunately, it’s not plug and play.
  • the complexities to consider when deciding on the path forward.
  • charging options – what is available and why it’s important to choose the option that best suits your building.
  • the road map to implementation.
  • understand your load.
    • We’ll explore a hypothetical case study of a building with just 10 EVs and we learn how important demand control is to those busy evening hours of energy consumption.
  • what funding options are available?

guest speaker

Discover how Greener Buildings Group is transforming strata communities through innovative EV charging solutions, promoting environmental sustainability, and enhancing the quality of urban living.

Greener Buildings
Greener Buildings

who should do this course?

strata managers

Strata managers who manage communities that are inquiring about electric vehicle implementation.

committee members

Committee members or strata executives that sit within communities and are tasked with understanding the impact of introducing electric vehicles into the network.


building managers

Building Managers that manage communities that likely to have a pivotal role in the implementation process for the community.

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how to get EV Chargers in your community
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5:30- 7:30pm Wednesday 25 October
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Brisbane, QLD
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seats are limited
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EV technician guest speaker
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