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network outage request (power outage)

Complete this form if you require an isolation to work near, connect to, or modify, Altogether's live electricity network and/or assets, or if you are planning to connect a newly constructed development stage or lot to an existing live network.

To ensure the safety of our people, contractors, and customers it is important to ensure we receive this information to approve for de-energisation to occur. We ask you to provide your de-energisation and safety management plan.

We are committed to protecting your personal information. Our privacy policy explains how we collect, hold, use and disclose your personal information. 

your details
site details
de-energisation plan
For example; all customers, isolated group of customers, specific unit numbers
For example, list of specific unit numbers, what common areas i.e., lifts, lights etc.
must be at least 14 business days from today
please specify in hours and/or minutes
e.g. Builder, Electrician (include company name)
de-energisation procedure

please provide details of the plan for de-energisation* The plan must outline the procedures that will be performed to ensure de-energisation and remote re-energisation is conducted safely including;

  • How you plan to deenergize the site

  • How many services will be impacted eg lifts, lights etc

  • How you plan to prevent re-energisation during outage

  • How you plan to re-establish power supply

upload any supporting documentation
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For example, lock out tag out (LOTO), access permit including LOTO, removal of fuse and inserting of blank tag out
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link provided below

safety protocol for embedded energy services

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