water night

water night

Australia has been diagnosed with an addiction to tap water, with the average Aussie turning on their tap nine times a day!

Do you know how many times a day you reach for your taps?

Well, Water Night is the perfect opportunity for you to find out.

Thursday 21 October 2021
12pm - 12am

No taps. One night only.

Wean your way in

In preparation for water night, we are asking all residents connected to an Altogether water solution to conduct a cross connection check to ensure your recycled water and drinking water is plumbed correctly.

Did you know, using recycled water helps the environment?

By using recycled water, you are

  • Promoting sustainability by finding suitable uses for recycled water
  • Decreasing demand on our precious drinking water supplies
  • Reducing your environmental impact by using local water resources
  • Protecting the environment from wastewater discharges

PLUS by using recycled water for things like gardening, flushing toilets and washing clothes – you’re saving up to 70% of the drinking water you’d normally use.  

Download our cross-connection checklist here

Improve your water mindfulness by participating in water night next month.