washing with recycled water

washing with recycled water

Washing with recycled water is completely safe!  In fact we encourage all residents to ensure their washing machine is connected to the recycled water system as it not only helps to preserve valuable drinking water, but also ensures water balances across the community. 

Altogether mandates a recycled water washing machine tap on all new works. This means there will be two taps to supply the washing machine — hot drinking water and cold recycled water.

All of our licences include clothes washing as an authorised purpose. 

The recycled water we produce is clean, clear and odourless. It leaves no residue in clothes or washing machines. Washing machines are typically the third highest user of water in the home. Using recycled water in washing machines can save about 20,000 litres of drinking water a year.

You shouldn’t notice any difference washing clothes with recycled water compared to drinking water.
However, just like with drinking water different detergents and washing additives can vary washing
quality and this is the choice of the resident as to which detergents works best for them.

Washing machine maintenance is another area that can have a significant impact on washing performance and supplier manuals are a good source of information in achieving the best washing results.

Make the switch with the purple tap today