Cooranbong local water centre open day

Cooranbong local water centre open day

Thankyou to over 60 residents and future residents of Watagan Park who visited Cooranbong's local water centre over the weekend.

Altogether staff opened the doors to showcase the plant and explain how recycled water can save precious potable water resources and save on resident water bills. 

Altogether has designed the $16M plant to future-proof the community with the ability to ultimately save 1 megalitre per day of valuable drinking water.

Currently with capacity to treat upto 0.5 megalitres per day this system will deliver recycled water to households in Cooranbong for use in:

  • watering gardens and open spaces
  • washing cars
  • suppressing dust
  • running the washing machine; and
  • flushing toilets

Watagan Park currently has over 300 homes occupied with a residential population of more than 1,000. At completion, there will be 2,500 homes and around 6,000 residents. The expansion plans for the plant mean the community will continue to be serviced by recycled water as the population grows. 

We look forward to hosting another public open day later this year to help spread the word even further. 

Watch a short video of the tour here: