Helping the community with post-flood clean up

Helping the community with post-flood clean up

Altogether Pitt Town supported the local community and businesses by making free high quality treated water available for cleaning and irrigation following the March 2021 devastating flooding in the Hawkesbury-Nepean region.

Altogether, as part of its approach to being a good neighbour, offered the water free of charge under a limited contract to local businesses and the community in the region. The water was able to be used to help clean away the storm damage and maintain grass and landscaping. 

Terry Leckie, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Altogether, says that managing utilities within the Pitt Town community’s integrated system ensures efficiency and balance. Ultimately this local approach gives communities power and control over use.

“We are passionate about creating sustainable communities and buildings of the future,” says Mr Leckie. “Whether we’re delivering water, power or data, our focus is on providing reliable and sustainable essential services.” “We encourage the wider Pitt Town community and local businesses to contact us to find out how they can access this treated water to help them to get their lives back to normal.”

Altogether—an Australian company—has already revolutionised recycled water systems in masterplanned communities such as The Gables at Box Hill and Huntlee in the Hunter Valley. In the past decade, Altogether has progressed nine local community schemes that will ultimately supply over 25,000 customers.

Pitt Town was the company’s first community to reuse wastewater through its local sustainable recycled water network, providing homes with a secure and environmentally friendly source of water to keep gardens and local sporting fields green all year. It also captures, treats and reuses stormwater as part of Pitt Town’s Integrated Water Cycle Management (IWCM).

Recycled water can be used for a variety of purposes, including flushing toilets, in washing machines, irrigating public open spaces and gardens and lawns, washing vehicles and cleaning hard surfaces.

Altogether is also supporting the local community by connecting Pitt Town Public School to the Altogether water network and providing them with recycled water, free of charge, which it can use to keep the School’s grassed areas ready for playtime and to wash down hard surfaces.

Residents and businesses in the Pitt Town local area can request more information about accessing the treated water here.