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introducing our client and channel manager

introducing our client and channel manager

We are thrilled to announce that Richard Claus has been appointed to the newly created role of Client & Channel Manager at Altogether Group. This strategic move underscores our commitment to enhancing our client relationships and delivering unparalleled service to our partners in the body corporate industry.

A New Era of Client-Centric Excellence

At Altogether Group, we pride ourselves on valuing our clients differently than our competitors. This philosophy is deeply embedded in our approach to business, where the focus is not just on acquiring new clients but also on nurturing and growing our relationships with existing ones. Our dedication to ensuring competitive rates for both body corporates and end-users, meeting risk and compliance obligations, and fostering conversations about add-on services and new tech plugins sets us apart. We believe in the efficiency of buildings, optimizing time-of-day usage, and managing peak loads—all of which contribute to a seamless and beneficial experience for our clients.

Introducing Richard Claus

Richard Claus brings a wealth of experience and a proven track record in the energy sector, making him the perfect fit for this pivotal role. His career spans nearly two decades, during which he has demonstrated exceptional expertise in sales, consultancy, and account management.

Career Highlights:

  • Head of Sales, Queensland (Altogether Group): Richard excelled in driving sales and managing client relationships, focusing on delivering tailored energy solutions across Queensland.
  •  Senior Energy Consultant and Embedded Network Manager (Altogether Group): Over five years, Richard played a crucial role in optimizing energy usage and providing strategic consulting services.
  • Account Manager/Consultant (Watt Utilities): Here, he honed his skills in client management and energy consultancy.
  •  Energy Consultant (ESS Utility Consultants Ltd): Richard spent seven years advising clients on efficient energy use and utility management.
  • Account Manager (Total Gas & Power Ltd): Early in his career, Richard developed his foundational skills in account management and client relations.

Genuine Relationships and a Bigger Care Factor

Richard's appointment is a testament to our ongoing commitment to genuine relationships and a bigger care factor. His extensive experience ensures that we continue to offer not only competitive rates and compliance assurance but also innovative solutions tailored to our clients' unique needs.

We believe in the power of strong, lasting relationships. With Richard at the helm, we are confident that Altogether Group will continue to set the standard for excellence in the body corporate industry. His ability to permit meaningful conversations about new technologies and efficiency improvements aligns perfectly with our mission to deliver top-tier service and support.

Looking Ahead

As we welcome Richard to his new role, we are excited about the future and the opportunities that lie ahead. Altogether Group remains committed to our clients, ensuring that we provide value beyond just business transactions. We are here to build lasting partnerships and drive success together.

Join us in welcoming Richard Claus as our new Client & Channel Manager. Together, we will continue to redefine what it means to value our clients in the body corporate industry.

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