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imagine flushing your loo more than 21 million times

imagine flushing your loo more than 21 million times

Residents of Watagan Park in Cooranbong have reason to be grateful as they won't be restricted by water constraints, even in the face of an impending El Niño. Imagine being able to flush your toilet more than 21 million times without worrying about wasting precious drinking water. Thanks to Altogether Group, an innovative Australian company, this vision has become a reality.

Every time you flush your toilet, you're sending three-and-a-half litres of drinking water down the drain. However, if you're part of the Watagan Park community, you're contributing to a sustainable future. Johnson Property Group, known for their commitment to sustainability, has partnered with Altogether to install a state-of-the-art wastewater recycling system in their residential development. This groundbreaking initiative has already connected 500 homes to recycled water, resulting in significant water savings.

Altogether Group's spokesperson, Douglas Fagerstrom, proudly reports, "We've already saved around 116 mega litres of wastewater and 76.1 mega litres of potable water. That's the equivalent of about 21.7 million toilet flushes." This remarkable achievement demonstrates the tangible impact of water recycling on daily life.

As Watagan Park continues to grow, Altogether Group's network expands alongside it. With a treatment capacity of 500 kilolitres per day, they can support the equivalent of 125 Olympic-sized swimming pools, ensuring ample water resources for future residents.

Nestled at the foothills of the Watagan Mountains, Watagan Park is a master-planned estate with a strong commitment to preserving natural bushland. Altogether's recycled water is used for various purposes, from toilet flushing and washing machines to irrigation, car washing, and ornamental water features. Additionally, Altogether actively collaborates with developers and sub-contractors to ensure construction activities use recycled water, minimizing reliance on potable sources. This initiative even extends to maintaining the suburb's public parks and gardens, keeping them lush and green.

Considering Australia's status as one of the driest inhabited continents, the imperative for water recycling is evident. Douglas Fagerstrom emphasizes, "Given our current situation, water recycling should be mandated in every new project." The recent announcement of an impending El Niño makes water conservation even more crucial, further highlighting the value of reusing resources within communities.

Terry Leckie, CEO of Altogether Group, highlights the enthusiasm of new homeowners for embracing recycled water. "Not only is it simple to access, but the cost-effectiveness and environmental benefits associated with using recycled water have made it an easy choice."

Altogether Group's approach offers developers a comprehensive suite of water services that align with their specific project needs, without inflating costs. "The benefits to both the environment now and in the future were also a major factor in our decision," says Leckie. "Altogether's solutions are tailored to each project, so the cost of using their services is not greater than that of the incumbent utility."

In addition to residential use, recycled water will also be integrated into the shopping center within Watagan Park. This forward-thinking approach sets a commendable example of sustainable water management, especially in the face of an impending El Niño. Altogether Group and Johnson Property Group's collaboration is a significant step toward preserving precious drinking water for future generations.

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