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celebrating family and safety

celebrating family and safety

At Altogether, safety isn't just a priority—it's a family affair. Last week, we had the honour of celebrating not only safety excellence but also the spirit of family as we recognised Chris Atkins of Atkins Plumbing and Gas as the recipient of our prestigious Contractor Safety Award.

Chris, accompanied by his daughter and wife, graced our annual awards event, adding warmth and kinship to the evening. In a heartfelt gesture, our CEO referred to our vendors as an extension of our own corporate family, underscoring the deep bonds that unite us beyond business.

Altogether: Where Safety and Family Converge

At Altogether, we've always believed that safety extends beyond the workplace—it encompasses the well-being of every individual and their loved ones. As Chris Atkins accepted the Contractor Safety Award, his family stood by his side, embodying the values of support, unity, and shared commitment to safety.

A Commitment to Excellence

Chris Atkins's journey to safety excellence exemplifies the dedication and resilience that define our community of partners. Through his leadership at Atkins Plumbing and Gas (APG), Chris has not only elevated safety standards within his own business but has also set a shining example for others to follow.

A Call to Action

As we celebrate Chris Atkins's achievements, we also renew our commitment to fostering a culture of safety and inclusivity. We invite all members of our community—employees, partners, and stakeholders—to join us in this journey toward a safer, brighter future for all.

Congratulations, Chris Atkins!

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