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accelerating smart meter rollout: a strategic advantage for energy efficiency

accelerating smart meter rollout: a strategic advantage for energy efficiency

  • Embrace Energy Efficiency: Join the smart meter revolution to enhance your energy management and reduce costs.
  • No Cost to Body Corporate: Benefit from our smart meter rollout without any financial burden, now or in the future.
  • Seamless Ownership Transfer: At the end of our agreement, the smart meters will belong to the Body Corporate, ensuring long-term benefits.
  • Ready to Assist: Whether you're an existing client or looking to become one, we are equipped to expedite your smart meter deployment.
  • Take Action Now: Contact Altogether Group today to modernise your energy system and step confidently towards a sustainable future.

The Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC) has recently announced a draft rule to accelerate the deployment of smart meters across energy customers by 2030, a move poised to enhance energy efficiency and foster the transition to net zero. At Altogether Group, we are fully aligned with this vision, having spearheaded the adoption of smart meters for several years.

Our expertise in embedded energy networks places us at the forefront of this transition, enabling us to facilitate the swift rollout of smart meters at no cost to the Body Corporate. This commitment extends throughout the duration of our agreement, with the promise that, at its conclusion, ownership of the meters will seamlessly transfer to the Body Corporate.

Smart meters provide consumers with greater insight into their energy usage, empowering them to optimise their energy consumption and reduce costs. With the AEMC's proposed reforms, such as improved data access and enhanced consumer protections, we recognise the invaluable benefits these devices offer. As such, we are ready to assist our existing clients and welcome new ones to harness these advancements.

By choosing Altogether Group, Body Corporates can ensure they are not only compliant with upcoming regulations but are also equipped with the latest in smart meter technology, delivered efficiently and cost-effectively. Join us in pioneering a smarter, more sustainable energy future.


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