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shepherds bay

Live in the future with local water and power

Shepherds Bay strives towards sustainable living with water and energy multi-utilities. Altogether provides both water and power solutions the precinct.


commonly asked questions

What services can I sign up to?

You can sign up for both water and energy at your premises.

If you are an owner or owner/occupier please sign up for water. Until recycled water is available, all potable water will be supplied at Sydney Water drinking water rates.

If you are a tenant or an owner/occupier please sign up for energy.

If you have any queries please contact our Customer Service team on 1300 803 803.

While this local water centre is being planned, the infrastructure that will ultimately deliver recycled water throughout your building is already in place (these are the purple pipes/fittings that you may see in parts of your home such as where you connect your washing machine cold water hose). These purple pipes will deliver potable (drinking) water until such time that the local water centre is operational and able to provide recycled water.

Until recycled water is available, all water will be supplied at the drinking water rates which are no more than Sydney Water.

If you are buying or moving into Shepherds Bay, you will soon be part of an exciting new approach to energy management that reduces your energy costs.

We buy the electricity for the entire network so we can pass on the savings of that bulk purchase directly to you – this means we can offer you a great deal on your electricity bill.

We supply to the following apartments

  • Harvard
  • Pearl of the Bay
  • Cambridge
  • Kingston Quarter
  • Crewman and The Row
  • Lancaster

Altogether's services are licensed under the Water Industry Competition Act 2006 (NSW):

  • The infrastructure is constructed, operated and maintained under network operator licence 17_042 held by Altogether Operations Pty Ltd
  • The retail, customer service and billing services are provided under retail supplier's licence 13_001R held by Altogether Group Pty Ltd

Commercial operations approval was granted on 1st November 2017.

To view the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal licences and decisions for Shepherds Bay please follow this link:




In the basement of the Pearl of the Bay building.

Each licensce is unique but in this community recycled water can be used for:

  • toilet flushing
  • cold water supplies to washing machines
  • irrigation
  • car washing
  • use in ornamental water features
  • washdown of hard surfaces

The construction and operation of the Local Water Centre has development consent (ref: LDA2017/0426) from Ryde City Council.

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Make the most of every drop


State of the art system

Feel good knowing that the fully balanced micro-ecosystem gives back to your community.


Wash down patio and balconies guilt free

We reuse wastewater providing homes with sustainable source of water to keep your balconies clean and pot plants thriving.

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