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unlock the power of the sun Sunshine Coast

Join our expert-led course and master the art of integrating solar technology within embedded networks. Learn how to navigate the complexities, maximise efficiency, and create a strategy for energy generated in your community. 

Before proceeding with the installation of additional solar panels, it is essential to conduct a wholistic and comprehensive analysis of the community to evaluate how existing and new infrastructure can best provide a community led solution, enabling more of the community to benefit from the technology. This approach is not only about expanding capacity; it's about smart integration of new technologies with your current systems to comply with Energy Queensland connection agreement requirements and maintain feasibility across the network.

Learn directly from the experts at Energy Queensland and Act Now by registering for our events in Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast.

who should do this course?

strata managers

Strata managers who manage communities that are inquiring about energy infrastructure and billing. 

committee members

Committee members or strata executives that sit within communities and are tasked with understanding the impact of introducing incremental solar infrastructure. 


building managers

Building Managers that manage communities that likely to have a pivotal role in the implementation process for the community.

unlock the power of the sun
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4:00- 6:00pm Thursday 6 June 2024
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Sunshine Coast, QLD
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seats are limited
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Energy Qld guest speaker
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0.5 CPD points

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