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As Safe Work Month 2023 approaches, we're inviting you to a laid-back Builders' Safety Coffee Chat. No ties or suits required – just bring yourself, your experiences, and your appetite for good coffee (or tea, if that's your thing)!

We're not planning any long lectures or PowerPoint slides. Instead, picture this: a chill hangout where we'll chat about safety practices, share insights, and maybe even swap a few "I can't believe that happened" stories. Let's keep the vibe relaxed and the conversation engaging.

Agenda (or lack thereof):

  • Grab your favorite coffee or tea
  • Intros and why safety rocks
  • Real talk on risk assessment and staying safe on site
  • Open mic for ideas, questions, and laughs
  • More coffee, because why not?

No need to dress to impress – come as you are, and let's have some real talk about safety in the world of construction. Your voice matters, and we're excited to hear your take on keeping things safe and sound.

Guest speaker: Ben Houlison

Ben shares his story in the hope of teaching others about the impacts a work injury can have. “Once you experience a workplace accident, you never want someone to go through what my family had to”

who should do this course?


Our operations team will be on site to chat through site specific or Altogether specific safety practices and its a chance to ask any design or build related questions. 


A licensed plumber is required to connect internal wastewater plumbing to the wastewater collection tan and connect recycled water and drinking water (where applicable) to home plumbing. Let us guide you in getting it right the first time - safely.


Landscapers of private property will learn what can be done and can't be done when preparing landscape near our infrastructure. 


A licensed electrician is required to complete all our electrical installation requirements, including installation of a separate power supply to a junction box, installation of conduits for the wastewater collection tank control panel and metering. Let us help you get it right the first time.

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As Safe Work Month 2023 approaches, we're inviting you to a laid-back Builders' Safety Coffee Chat.
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9.30am Thursday 19 October
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3 Red Gables Road Box Hill/Gables
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drop in within the hour
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grab your favorite coffee or tea
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lets chat for real

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