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In understanding customer needs for more affordable local power, Sekisui House has taken a leadership position with Altogether to ensure residents also benefit from the onsite generation of local renewable energy.

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Altogether provides solar, an embedded energy network, gas & hot water

What advantage does this embedded system bring to the community?

Bulk purchasing at the gate means that savings are passed onto apartment residents.

The unique network of power conserving applications will also give the broader community 1GWh of  power each year for use in common areas such as the community’s outdoor cinema, pool and wellness centre.

Put simply, Altogether uses the combined buying power of everyone to get a better deal for the whole community.

Rooftop solar paneling is owned, operated and maintained by Altogether at no cost to the strata management allowing for localised clean energy to be distributed based on unit entitlement to community & also common areas.

Unmetered cooktop gas means that residents are only pay a fixed daily supply charge no matter how much they use for cooking.

Advanced metering & telemetry solutions mean that resident meters do not need to be read manually and a monitoring system will optimize to avoid market volatility

The Australian Energy Regulator stipulates that residents within an embedded network are entitled to source their electricity from a retailer of their choice. You are therefore entitled to seek quotations for the supply of electricity direct from any retailer. If you can secure a rate that you believe is better than the rates you are receiving as part of the embedded network, you can enter into a contract for supply with that retailer.
Should you choose a different energy retailer, then you will still be charged for energy network access for your electricity.

Embedded Energy Network Altogether

News & Media 05 Mar, 2024
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News & Media 06 Apr, 2023

Make the most of every drop


State of the art system

Feel good knowing that the fully balanced micro-ecosystem gives back to your community.


Water your yard guilt free

We reuse wastewater providing homes with a drought resilient source of water to keep your grass green.


No need for a rain water tank that holds up to $6 worth of water

Don't clog your yard up, our system captures all run off underground and has your BASIX covered.

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