embedded networks

Altogether works with developers, site owners and body corporates to design and manage Embedded Energy Networks (EENs). EENs help communities and individuals save money by using people power to leverage energy usage, and these kinds of models apply to new and existing buildings, as well as large precincts. 

Altogether delivers more savings than traditional EEN offerings, removing risk to developers and owners corporations whilst enabling contestability and autonomy for all residents. We also stand apart by generating energy from carbon-efficient sources, and through our innovative metering and billing platforms.

what's an embedded network?

An EEN is the infrastructure that allows electricity to be on-sold to apartments. This allows developments to leverage the volume of electricity they use to improve efficiencies and therefore lower the costs for individual occupants. Instead of individuals negotiating their contract with energy retailers, their purchasing power is combined to obtain improved discounts for their electricity.

keep it local 

Local EENs maximise energy generation and efficiency within communities. They help to manage peak loads and transition energy supplies to lower-carbon fuel sources.

want to convert your community?

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