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You must complete this form to set up your account before submitting a development application for a brand new building serviced by Altogether (Pitt Town, Huntlee, Cooranbong or Gables/Box Hill/Maraylya)

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Important Information

This disclosure notice contains important information for you to read before you enter into a contract with us to supply water to your home or business. It is a requirement of our licence that we provide this notice.

Fees and Charges

Please ensure you read and understand the fees and charges payable for the supply of water services at Fees and Charges

Bill assistance

If you are unable to pay your bill, or have a problem with your bill please read our Missed Payments Policy

Restricting water services

In circumstances such as non- of water bills, we may restrict the flow of water to your property. In serious cases we may also disconnect your premises from the water main. Any restrictions or disconnections to service will be subject to specified safeguards. For more information please go to clause 6.2 of the Customer Contract