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At Altogether we never want to see a customer making a choice between essential items and energy. Where people can pay their bill, they must; but when a customer needs help, we feel compelled to step in.

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payment relief

If you're a customer facing financial burdens due to COVID-19, you may be eligible for 100% payment relief for up to 6 months. Using a combination of concessions, relief payments and contributions from us, you could have a full half-year break from your energy bill.

Altogether power customers can view eligibility and apply for the Community Support Program by clicking the button below.


concession support

You are not in this alone. You may be entitled to concessions and other forms of relief from federal, state and non-profit organisations across Australia. Our community support team will work with you to maximise the support available to you.



Delaying payments and payment plans are useful tools during troubling times, but they can leave us burdened with a legacy of debt in the future. Our Community Support Program is designed to keep you debt-free, so you can focus your attention on the road ahead.

keeping you informed, with the lights on

While enrolled in our power support program, you'll continue to receive bills to help you understand your usage. You do not need to pay these bills and we will not disconnect you as, subject to the terms of the program, they will be paid for you when you complete the program. Please contact us if your circumstances change or if you require further assistance.





Working From Home

working from home

You may not have lost your job, but we're all feeling the strain and anxiety of uncertainty.

If you're working from home, you may find you're using more energy and your bill is higher than normal. It might be a good time to think about energy efficiency and payment plans.

Our Community Support Program may not be right for you, but you may be interested in a well-managed payment plan.

Feeling The Strain

feeling the strain

If your income or hours have fallen, or if you are experiencing financial difficulties for any reason, including COVID-19, we strongly encourage you to explore the Community Support Program.

By joining the program, eligible customers will receive payment relief in the form of utility credits to provide immediate relief to you and your family.

If you’re not eligible, or if the Community Support Program isn’t right for you, we can still explore you a payment plan and discuss hardship options with you.

Small Business

small business

Small businesses play a unique role in Embedded Energy Networks. You support the community by providing employment and local services, day in and day out.

Our communities cannot thrive without you. This program can provide fixed charge relief, backdated, so that you're better able to hibernate your business for a future recovery.

We'll keep your power on and remove our daily service fees, subject to reasonable usage conditions, so you’re able to reopen as soon as you’re able.