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Your checklist to connect your home to our water services

1. register online

Open an account by selecting your postcode via connect 

Before you start designing your home, review our requirements so they can be integrated into your house plans. This will help with swift approval of your plans. These requirements are outlined in our Builders’ Guide.

Depending on your lot, the location of your wastewater collection tank may vary and the design requirements may need to be adjusted for us to approve your designs.

If you think this is the case, call us early in the process so we can give you advice about your design.

Submit your documentation for review prior to commencing construction via this form.

We commit to a ten-business day turnaround on this review although, If the documentation is not completed correctly, you need to allow another 5 business days for every subsequent submission.

Our stamped approval on your plans is required and in your interest to ensure that costly alterations are not required later.

For more information on how to submit a development application, please visit the following page

Make sure your builder and other trades, such as the plumber and electrician, know your home will have a dual water supply and be serviced by a pressure sewer network.

Information about our technical requirements for builders, plumbers and electricians are available here

Check that your builder understands you don’t need a rainwater tank to comply with BASIX.

Connecting to our network meets your BASIX requirements for water and costs no more than installing and connecting a rainwater tank and pump.

Be sure that any building quotes you obtain detail the costs included to connect to our network and compare these to the recommended pricing on our website.

If Altogether supplies the drinking water in your community, before you begin construction, apply for a drinking water meter. More information, and the application form can be found at the link below:

Apply for a Drinking Water Meter

Once this is processed, we will send out the drinking water meter to the specified address to connect your block to the drinking water supply so building can begin.

At the end of the build, compliance will be checked by Altogether at a pre-connection inspection and all of the following criteria will need to be meet. Connection assessment criteria. Non-compliance with our requirements, damage to our infrastructure or lack of payment of applicable fees may delay connection of your home’s sewer to our wastewater network and therefore delay you moving into your new home.

We all want you to move into your new home and become a part of our sustainable community as soon as possible so to avoid any delays, please ensure that you and your builder are preparing for a pass on the pre-connection inspection first go by reviewing our criteria. 

Once construction of your home is complete the following inspections needs to be completed on your property

  • A final plumbing and drainage inspection (your builder or plumber needs to organise the final plumbing and drainage inspection with NSW Fair Trading or your local council)
  • An electrical compliance check

Once the above inspections are completed you will need to submit the final pre inspection report OR final plumbing inspection sticker issued by NSW Government, Fair Trading and the Certificate of compliance for electrical work (CCEW) using this form.

Receiving these report lets us know that you are now ready to have your home connected to our network and we can begin to organise your pre-connection/connection.

Our technicians will complete a pre-connection inspection to ensure that your home and the builders completed works comply with our requirements prior to connection.

We will need access to your home to satisfy all pre-connection assessment criteria

If your home is ready to connect then we will notify you and your builder of your connection date.

If your home does not pass the inspection, then we will let your builder know what needs to be fixed and keep you in the loop.

Our licenced technicians will install a pump in the wastewater collection tank, a recycled water meter and a control panel. They will also do a cross-connection check to make sure your two water supplies are connected properly. We will issue a Connection Certificate once this is complete.

You won’t be able to get your Occupation Certificate from Council or a private certifier without our Connection Certificate which verifies that your home is suitable for occupation and use from a water services and sanitary drainage perspective.

Note: connections are completed on a first come first served basis, connections are also weather dependent, please allow at least 10 business days for the connection process.

You will need the Connection Certificate to apply to local council or your private certifier for an Occupation Certificate.

No-one is permitted to live in the home until the Occupation Certificate has been issued and without the Connection Certificate your sewer system will not be operational.

pre-connection assessment criteria

connection criteria