Smart technology to benefit the community

Smart technology to benefit the community

A natural fit in alignment exists between Altogether and Iota. Large scale and customer focused each organisation has a forward leaning vision for circular economy and decentralised systems.  

Altogether are installing a smart network to manage extreme climates and growing populations, something that is important across Australia, but particularly in the Western Sydney region.  

Iota and Altogether first partnered on a trial of 50 OneBox® units, for a new development in Pitt Town, NSW, with the first installation going live in early 2018. The trial incorporated units and access to the OneBox® portal to remotely monitor and control the system. Since then, the partnership has thrived.

Operators have visibility and control to manage the network from anywhere, at any time, with source data available at their fingertips to conduct operational queries. This level of insight and control allows Altogether to avoid sewer spills, manage the effects of climate change on the network – flooding and power outages, and support asset maintenance. 

As of January, Altogether have installed over 1000 OneBox® units in the suburbs of Pitt Town, Boxhill, Huntlee and Cooranbong in NSW.  

The agility inherent within Iota and Altogether supports our genuine partnership in meeting the current and future needs of the communities we service.