Metering compliance

Metering compliance


A final report is to be released in early 2022 by the Australian Energy Market Commission, dealing with the way to make the smart meter installation process more efficient, improve the customer experience, and improve smart meter takeup. These include requiring retailers to give consumers information before smart meters are installed.  

Consumers with a smart meter and retailer online portal can make power-saving decisions based on their family or business usage patterns. 

Other potential benefits of more consumers having smart meter access include:

  • eliminating estimated bills and greater understanding and control of home and business power use
  • developing more innovative and user-friendly portals and apps to allow, for instance, remote control of individual appliances or instant access to more flexible time-of-use electricity plans as family or business needs change
  • creating virtual power plants where neighbourhoods could trade rooftop solar power and other stored energy
  • remotely identifying outages or impending power supply problems like risk of electric shock that can be repaired faster and without needing consumers to  discover and report the issue. 

Potential benefits for the future electricity grid include:

  • sharing power quality data with distributors to help manage supply and reduce spending needed on expensive poles and wires
  • instant notification of outages leading to faster responses and identification of system issues
  • capacity to ‘read’ electricity demand in real time and instantly match it to supply across the ever-widening range of energy generation types powering our decarbonised electricity grid

Source: AEMC Media Release